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Korea's leading frozen fisheries enterprise. SHIN-A Introduce.

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CEO greeting

April 2018. we established Shin-A cold storage company as subsidiary located next to Busan Cooperative Fish Market.

Dong-A Food company started in 2009 as a small company mainly focused on E-commerce business. From 2011 our company invested in seafood processing industry and it became one of our main businesses.
We are not only committed to produce safe and legal products of the highest quality, but also committed to improve customers1 meal experience. Continue to increase in sales and with support of our customers, Dong-A Food has expanded its business to establish a subsidiary, Songwon Food & Catering Co., LTD. specialized in processing seafood products and became a Korea’s leading seafood processing company. As our company value food safety and food quality as our priority, we invested in our facilities to expand in size and in a hygierHc way, and our expertise and knowledge in seafood industry after years of conducting research and effort made us proud to produce such high quality and delicious food. In addition to seafood processing facilities, how to store and manage processed product is also crucial to food companies. Therefore, we established Shin-A cold storage company as subsidiary located next to Busan Cooperative Fish Market. Securing cold storage near Busan Cooperative Fish market plays important role in rapid freezing of seafood and transferring fresh seafood in short time to maintain and supply the best quality of products. Dong-A Food Company is committed to being the world’s premier food company. We will continue to cooperate with two subsidiaries to compensate the defects and strive consistently to innovate and provide superior level of customer services and the highest quality products.

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Shin-A has excellent product power, many years of industrial know-how.Based on our employees' solidarity, we are firmly maintaining our best position in the industry

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